Café Klima helps individuals and companies to face the need of change in the context of ecological and climate disruption. We create a safe place where you learn about coping with change, discover the opportunities that change creates and feel empowered to act.

The circularity lies in participants learning about behaviour and how to deal with reactions to change. They learn more about themselves and others. They can use this knowledge in any situation where change involves tension and also use it to help others in this.

For companies

The world is changing at a fast pace. As an organisation and as an individual we have to deal with this reality. This is not always easy but you can make it more manageable and start seeing the possibilities.
We help companies to step into this transition with their employees. With tailored programs we enlarge the knowledge about change of individuals and companies and become empowered to move from emotion to action.

For individuals

We tend to keep away from topics like the ecological and climate disruption for fear of our own strong emotional reactions or those of the other person. This can lead to cognitive dissonance and possible eco-anxiety.
Café Klima creates monthly face-to-face meetings in the Basque Country to discuss issues related to ecology and climate and thereby stop keeping these feelings and thoughts to ourselves.
Through collective and individual exercises, Café Klima creates safe and caring spaces for everyone, without the language barrier, by offering the possibility of expressing themselves in the language in which everyone feels most comfortable.
Café Klima helps to go beyond the individual/collective distinction and to become aware of your power of action. By offering inspiration to take action you will find an alignment between your values and your actions.

The multilingual concept

In a region where there is multilingualism from history that itself crosses nearby borders, the proximity of a land border and a region that attracts many tourists and expatriates, language is an important asset. In order for this not to be a barrier, all languages are welcome with us. In what language you communicate about emotion can make all the difference. The language of your heart may bring you closer to deep emotions, while a language learned later can help you create distance and overview.